The Character of Ireland Book
Comprising 90 original paintings with accompanying drawings and poems, the Character of Ireland is a 160-page A4 Landscape Hardback with dust cover. Printed and case bound in Ireland. Yet to be supplied to bookstores, this book is only available at present to purchase on this website.
Price: €35 incl. postage in the island of Ireland / €45 incl. postage in the UK / €50 incl. postage in Europe / €55 incl. postage in USA/Canada/Australia
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Below are four of the 90 images present in the book. Click any of the images for a larger view.
The Fisherman's Bar, Co Cork
[Co. Cork, Ireland]
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Castletown Geoghegan Point to Point
[Co. Westmeath, Ireland]
(click image for larger view)
Ireland vs England, 2007
[Croke Park, Co Dublin]
(click image for larger view)
The Diving Board, Lough Owel
[Co. Westmeath, Ireland]
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